Speedroute SD-WAN


Speedroute® SD-WAN should be called Super Duper WAN.  In fact, SD-WAN stands for Software Defined Wide Area Network.

In simple terms, SDWAN is a managed services that lets a business insatll and use several different methods of Internet access and connect these to the SD-WAN device which bonds them together and delivers this high bandwidth service as a single Internet service to the business.

This SDWAN service means that a business with a standard wired broadband service can add a 4G router to their Internet service and improve the overal Internet speed without any impact on Internet service delivery.  This also means that the 4G router acts as a built-in 4G backup to the wired service and vice-versa.

If the business needs an additional or short term Internet speed boost then they might choose to add an additional 4G router or even a 5G router if they have access to the 5G mobile broadband network.  The Speedroute SD-WAN service can then bond all three services and deliver super fast business broadband with even more resilience built-in.

Whilst the Speedroute SDWAN service is ideal to add speed and resilience to existing business Internet services it can also be used to provide disaster recovery Internet services, short term / temporary high speed bonded 4G / 5G Internet for events / festivals and exhibitions or simply be used for mobile or temporary offices.  Another common use for Speedroute SD-WAN is Pre-Ethernet connectivity whereby an SDWAN solution can be installed whilst waiting for leased lines or other Ethernet connectivity services.

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