Teltonika Networks

Teltonika are a leading manufacturer of industrial 4G and 5G routers providing the ability to connect to your on-site hardwarewith the flexibility of a cellular connection.

The Teltonika range of Industrial 4G routers include the RUT200, an entry level, compact 4G router with single SIM slot, 2 x Ethernet and WiFi and when used with a Fixed IP SIM card provides an LTE 4G connection with fixed, public IP address so you can remotely connect to the router and with easy configuration of the port forwarding in the RUT200 firewall can connect to your devices on the LAN.  This means that the Teltonika RUT200 can be used for a variety of applications such as CCTV, vending machines, energy (wind and solar) management and monitoring, BMS (Building Management Systems), parking and traffic control equipment and many other applications where a cellular connection combined with a Fixed IP address (Fixed IP SIM card) enables easy remote access without the need for a wired broadband connection which may not be possible and certainly not as flexible in terms of quick setup.

Teltonika routers

Teltonika Industrial Routers

Teltonika RUT200 4G Router

RUT200 is the entry level, compact LTE 4G router with single SIM slot, 2 x Ethernet ports and WiFi. 

RUT901 is a dual SIM 4G router (provides SIM failover to backup SIM – (DOES NOT PROVIDE TWO SIMULTANEUS CONNECTIONS OR BONDING), 4 x Ethernet Ports and WiFi

RUT906 4G router provides all the same features as the RUT901 but inlcudes GPS, serial interface and Digital IO for more advanced installations.

RUTX50 is the high speed 5G router from Teltonika.